Thursday, January 19, 2012

House Construction Stages

You must have seen hundreds of houses being built in front you while you were on your way to work or home. It takes weeks but at the end of it but, the end result is completely worth the labor and toil as well as time!

You must have wondered what stages are involved in house building and who are the people who do this job. If you are planning to undertake any construction work in your house or are interested in it just for the sake of it, read on to find out what goes behind sturdy and luxurious houses before they stand on ground.

Before any of the 'real' work can take place, you need to have a lawyer who can look at your contract with the builder. Your lawyer will help you with assigning dates to each task so that the whole process completes on time.

You will also have to get your own inspector who can come and inspect the progress of home building at various stages.

Site preparation and foundation
This will include the groundwork. Earthwork such as excavation, land clearing and grading will have to be done. This process is known as site preparation. Your home cannot be built unless site has been prepared by excavation contracting companies.

Excavating contractor companies will remove debris from the site so work can take place. Your home will be built on a foundation, which will either be a basement, slab or a crawl space. Slabs are probably the easiest ways of building a foundation, as they only require concrete to be poured directly on ground. Very little labor goes into building a slab foundation.

A basic skeleton of your house is erected with the help of wood or steel framing, roof sheathing and an exterior wall. Municipal inspectors will typically visit the site to see the progress of rough framing.

Mechanical, plumbing and electrical stage
Plumbing work will require installation of a septic tank and sewer lines while electrical work will require installation of all switches and electrical wires throughout the house. HVAC systems will also be installed at this stage.


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